Terms of use

Yurls.net allows you to create and manage your own start page and include links, videos, RSS feeds, images, and any other information about any other subject of your choice. The use of Yurls in general and this service in particular is subject to terms and conditions, which are stated below. Please read them carefully, so you will know your rights and your obligations.

Privacy declaration
The information you provide when registering (name and e-mail address) will not be shared. The email address is associated with a contact form that visitors can use to contact you if you decide to make your page public. The email address is not visible to visitors unless you change that setting. The email address can also be used by Yurls to contact you if necessary. It is also possible that you will receive a newsletter. You can unsubscribe from this mailing via a link in the newsletter. You can easily cancel the account through your management. This will delete your data.

This website uses cookies. Previously made privacy choices can be undone by clicking on 'Adjust privacy choices' in the footer. Click here for more information

The provider of the service is POLS Netwerk in Drachten, Netherlands, registered at the Dutch chamber of commerce as KvK 53219546. For questions or comments about these terms and conditions, please contact the provider at info@yurls.net.
These terms of use were most recently updated on 9 March 2009. 

Section 1. Content of Yurls.net
1.1 The publisher publishes texts, images, and other material via Yurls.net which were provided by the provider and by third parties.
1.2 Copying, distributing, or any other use of this material is prohibited unless explicit written approval has been obtained from the provider, except when and to the extent that has been provided otherwise by applicable law. The copying of material from other Yurls start pages is permitted without limitations.
1.3 The material is made available without any guarantee or claim with respect to their correctness. The material is intended exclusively for information and entertainment purposes, and no rights can be derived from it.
1.4 The provider retains the right to change or remove the content at any time, without any need for notice.
1.5 Submitting queries to the entire website or to substantial parts thereof by way of automated processes or software, and the engagement in any activities which might affect the proper functioning of Yurls.net is prohibited. Violation of this stipulation leads to an immediately claimable penalty of 500 euro per event, which is not liable to mitigation by the court, without prejudice to the right to claim the payment of damages.

Section 2. Registration on Yurls.net
2.1 In order to use the service, you must be a registered user. For these purposes, you must register via the website. If the provider accepts your registration, your user account will allow you to access a control panel, from which you will be able to manage your start page(s). The provider may refuse your registration at his discretion, without stating a reason.
2.2 Your user account is linked to a password. This password is strictly personal and confidential. The provider is not liable for the results of any abuse of the password. If you have reason to suspect that a third party is using your password without your permission, please contact the provider as soon as possible. You remain responsible and liable for any actions that take place via your user account, also if you use the option to remain logged in permanently, or to have your user name and password stored on a computer of your choice.
2.3 You will be expected to refrain from unauthorized use of Yurls.net, and you undertake to act according to the expectations that the provider may have from a diligent user.
2.4 The provider will assist you on-line with your use of Yurls.net and relating computer programs. This support is provided via the “Contact” page on Yurls.net. The provider shall make an effort to adequately respond to any questions within a reasonable timeframe. The provider does not vouch, however, for the correctness and/or the completeness of the responses.
2.5 When registering, you may not enter untruthful data. Your information, and in particular your e-mail address, must be kept up-to-date at all times, in order to allow the provider to contact you. If you fail to do so, the risk that notifications from the provider might not reach you is entirely to your account.

Section 3. Publication on Yurls.net
3.1 You may create any number of start pages, within reason. The provider may inform you at his discretion or upon your request whether the number of start pages created by you exceeds that reasonable limit. If you should use multiple user accounts for the apparent purpose of circumventing this limit, the provider reserves the right to block some or all of your user accounts and start pages.
3.2 The other stipulations herein notwithstanding, you will determine yourself what kind of material (such as hyperlinks, texts, images, videos or RSS feeds) you wish to publish on your start page(s), and when. The provider does not owe any compensation for the material published by you on Yurls.net.
3.3 The choice of a name for a start page which infringes on a third-party brand or trademark, or which wrongly creates the impression that your start page is affiliated with the provider or with a third party, or which is deceptive in any other way, is prohibited.
3.4 The following are not allowed on your start page(s)
• the inclusion of material that infringes on the rights of third parties, among which are the inclusion of images or videos or inline links to them, without permission from the title holders;
• the use of brand names and trade marks of third parties without the permission of the title holders, except for the purposes of fair use as defined in applicable brand and trade name law;
• malicious content (such as viruses or spyware) or hyperlinks to external sites with such malicious content;
• libellous, defamatory, threatening, intimidating, offensive, pornographic, discriminatory or hateful information;
• any commercial, charitable or idealistic messages, except with the explicit approval by the provider;
• any content which creates the impression that you are an agent for or a representative of the provider;
• the inclusion of code (such as CSS style code or JavaScript) which hide or obscure the advertisements and notifications supplied by the provider;
• material which requires a disproportionate claim on the provider’s system resources.
3.5 If the provider should have a reasonable cause to assume, or to become aware of the fact, that a start page or any material published on it is in violation of the law or of one of the aforementioned prohibitions, the provider is entitled to unilaterally remove such material or to block the access to it. The provider is not obliged to consult or negotiate with the user on this matter. Under no circumstances can the provider be held liable for damages resulting from such an action.
3.6 You agree to indemnify the provider against any third-party claims based on the allegation that your start page or any element thereof would in any way be unlawful.
3.7 The provider retains the right to delete, move, or alter your start page at any time. However, the provider has no obligation to control, monitor, or supervise your start page, or any changes made thereto.

Section 4. License to the Provider
4.1 You hereby grant the provider a non-exclusive license to publish any material supplied by you on Yurls.net. This license includes the right to change and/or abridge material. While the provider will try to give credit wherever this is reasonably possible, there is no obligation for him to do so. You hereby waive any right to credit in case of publications on Yurls.net.
4.2 You hereby authorize the provider to act on your behalf against attempts by third parties to take over the start page or elements thereof in the form in which they were published on Yurls.net.
4.3 You retain the right to publish the material on other websites or in other media, but in such an event you may not use the name of the provider or of Yurls.net.
4.4 You declare that you have the right to provide the aforementioned license.
4.5 Any data base rights to the content of the start page shall belong to the provider. You undertake to cooperate with any administrative matters that may be required to ensure that the provider will indeed obtain these rights.
4.6 Your license is perpetual and is irrevocable, except in case of a violation of this agreement by the provider. Furthermore, the provider is entitled to transfer this license to any third party if such a third party were to take over or purchase Yurls.net from it, without owing you any compensation for such use.

Section 5. Paid Services
5.1 The provider offers a number of paid complementary services, such as the removal of advertisements and other components of the start page. You can order those by selecting them via the control panel, saving your selections (“opslaan”), and making the required payment.
5.2 The costs related to these paid services and options need only be paid if they are listed alongside the offer.
5.3 Unless specified otherwise, costs are annual, and inclusive of VAT.
5.4 These services and options are purchased for the period of one year. There is no automatic or tacit extension. The provider will send you a reminder shortly before the expiration of this period. You are responsible for any renewed purchase of the service. At the time of such a renewed purchase, the provider is entitled to change the prices for the services.
5.5 Since the services obtained via the control panel are delivered immediately, you are not entitled to a nullification of this agreement on the basis of the Dutch Distance Selling Act (Wet Koop op Afstand).
5.6 The owed amounts must be paid in advance, unless other arrangements were explicitly agreed upon with the provider. The provider is not required to provide the respective services until receipt of a notice of receipt of payment.
5.7 Listed prices may be affected by apparent typing or programming errors.

Section 6. Processing of Personal Data
6.1 The provider respects the privacy of all users of its site, and will make a due effort that personal data are stored and processed carefully and in accordance with the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act (Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens). The provider shall not make personal data available to third parties, except if these terms of use shall provide otherwise. You hereby grant the provider permission to use these personal data for any purpose covered within the framework of this agreement.
6.2 You may retract this permission at any time. Any user accounts of yours would then be cancelled, and your personal data would be removed from the files of the provider, with the exception of personal data needed by the provider for the purpose of sound business management or for the purpose of compliance with any legal obligations of the provider. The provider is not required to remove your start page or its content from Yurls.net, unless you have a special and weighty reason to require that.
6.3 You are entitled to view and correct the data relating to yourself. For these purposes, please contact the provider at the aforementioned address.
6.4 The provider will track general page view statistics, among other things in order to prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access to your personal data. These include data such as the IP address of computers querying your page on Yurls.net, the time of the query, and the data provided by the viewer’s browser.
6.5 For these purposes, the provider uses cookies. A cookie is a small file which is sent along  with the Yurls.net pages, through which various queries of Yurls.net pages can be monitored, and the behaviour of users can be analysed. You may refuse the aforementioned use of cookies, but this may affect the functionality and the ease of use of Yurls.net.
6.6 When you register, the provider will ask you for certain personal data, such as your name and a valid e-mail address. These personal data are not disclosed to third parties, except if you have separately provided permission thereto, or if this should be necessary for the performance of the service offered by the provider.
6.7 Yurls.net may contain advertisements supplied by the American Google corporation. These may involve the use of DART cookies and other techniques that track the way in which users use the site. The information obtained in this manner, including your computer’s IP address, are transferred to computer servers in the US, where they are stored by Google. By using DART cookies, Google can display ads to the visitors of your page on the basis of their visits to your sites and other Internet sites. Google may provide this information to third parties if there should be a legal requirement for Google to do so, or to the extent that such third parties should process information on Google’s behalf. Users may opt out from the use of DART cookies via Google’s Advertising and Privacy page .
6.8 Yurls.net carries advertisements by third parties. The provider keeps data about the use of Yurls.net and about the clicks on these advertisements for these advertisers. These data will only be made available to the advertisers in an anonymised form.
6.9 The provider cannot guarantee that third party websites connected to this website via a link will handle your personal data in a reliable and safe manner. We therefore recommend that you read the privacy policies of these websites before using them.

Section 7. Maintenance and Interruptions
7.1 The provider is entitled to interrupt the availability of Yurls.net or of parts thereof temporarily for the purpose of maintenance, updating or improvement of Yurls.net, of the underlying software, or of other facilities. The provider shall attempt to schedule such down time outside of ordinary business hours for as much as possible, and notify you in advance whenever possible of any scheduled service interruption. The provider is never liable, however, for the payment of damages for any damage related to such an interruption.
7.2 The provider is entitled to update Yurls.net and all related software from time to time for the purpose of improving its functionality and of fixing errors. If such an update should lead to a significant change of functionality, the provider will try to notify you of such changes in advance. Since Yurls.net is used by many people, it is not possible to refrain from the implementation of a certain update for a single user only. The provider is not liable for any damage caused as a result of updating Yurls.net.
7.3 In the event of force majeure, including, among others, a disruption of the telecommunication infrastructure, riots and civil commotion, military mobilisation, war, traffic congestion, strike, lockouts, interruptions of business operations, a stagnation of supplies, fire, flood, import or export restrictions, and in the event that the provider, for whichever reasons, shall be prevented by its own suppliers from delivering the services, in which compliance with the agreement cannot be reasonably expected from the provider, the implementation of this agreement shall be suspended, or alternatively, the agreement shall be terminated, without any obligation of damage compensation.

Section 8. Liability
8.1 Since this service is offered at no charge to you, the provider cannot accept any liability for any damage whatsoever that you may suffer as a result of using these services. This includes, among others, consequential damages, loss of income or profit, loss of data, and non-material damage.
8.2 You agree to indemnify the provider from any claims by third parties, for whichever reason, relating to the compensation for damage, costs, or interest resulting from this usage agreement.
8.3 The above subsections of this section are not applicable if and to the extent that the respective damage was wilfully caused with deliberate intent or recklessness on the part of the provider.
8.4 A condition for the existence of any right to compensation is always that you have notified the provider in writing of any damage suffered as soon as possible after the damage occurred.

Section 9. Duration, Suspension and Termination
9.1 You are entering into this agreement for an indefinite period. This agreement may be terminated at any time by either yourself or the provider. In case of termination by you, this termination will go into effect immediately. The provider is required to give one month of advance notice. Upon termination, the provider is entitled, but not required, to remove your start page(s).
9.2 In the event of termination, the following obligations continue to exist for as long as the provider might reasonably be expected to wish them to remain in effect: the license in Section 4 and the stipulations about liability in Section 8.
9.3 The provider is entitled to suspend its obligations toward you in the event of a suspicion that you might be acting in violation of the agreement in whichever way, without this leading to any obligation of the provider to the payment of damages.

Section 10. Amendments to the Agreement
10.1 The provider is entitled to make changes to the agreement or to add additional stipulations. These changes or additions become effective thirty days after their publication on Yurls.net, and your receipt of notice thereof. Changes of lesser importance will always take effect immediately.
10.2 If you do not wish to accept a changed or added condition, you must terminate this usage agreement within these thirty days. Your use of Yurls.net after this period constitutes your acceptance of the changed or added condition(s).
10.3 Any conditions or exceptions brought forward by you do not constitute part of this usage agreement, unless these have been agreed on in writing between you and the provider.
10.4 The provider is entitled to transfer this agreement and all the rights and obligations deriving from it to a third party, which would acquire Yurls.net from it.

Section 11. Concluding Provisions
11.1 This agreement is governed by Dutch law.
11.2 Unless required otherwise by mandatory legal provisions, any disputes arising on the basis of this agreement shall be brought before an authorized Netherlands judge in the court district in which the provider is established.
11.3 In the event that any provision in these terms of use should be invalid, this does not affect the validity of the entire agreement between the parties. In that case, the parties shall create (a) new provision(s) to replace the voided one(s), which shall embody the spirit and intent of the original agreement and terms of use to as great an extent as is legally possible.
11.4 Whenever a message should be sent to you by the provider, the version received or stored by the provider shall be the considered as being the authentic version, unless you can demonstrate that this version is not the authentic one.